Friday Nights in the ER

Lessons learned…

1.)       Go early – beat the rush.

2.)       Don’t kid yourself. The Nurses run the joint.

3.)       It is MUCH harder to be the guy in the guest chair than it is to be the pincushion.

4.)       Dress Appropriately – the guest chair does not come equipped with a pillow or a blanket. You will feel like a pansy if you ask for either.

5.)       Keeping your sense of humor will win you tons of points with the nurses.

6.)       Being the easy patient is like being a really good tipper – no one is in a hurry for the turnover.

7.)       It turns out – some of the physical exam tests you see them run on fictional medical TV shows are real. It will freak you out to seem them used in real life.

8.)       The test results will always be inconclusive.

9.)       It can be just as important to know what DID NOT cause your to visit the ER, as it can be frustrating to not know what did.

10.)     The cost of the adrenaline rush that gets you through the crisis is about 18 hours of sleep.

Trip to the ER – $400. Getting the new insurance cards the Monday before the emergency – Priceless. I, for one, am glad Obama Cares.


~ by irrationalcat on April 20, 2014.

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